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from social worriers to social warriors

Act4change is a safe haven for social worriers and change makers. We evolve to make the transition towards a sustainable future. We gather the social change makers of today. We make worriers into social warriors by connecting, inspiring and by offering knowledge and skills. There's a change maker in each and everyone of us and we can't wait to hear your ideas. 

Act4change runs on young heroes (m/v/x) who gratuitously engage themselves for a livable future. They are the power that makes Act4change a safe haven for sustainable projects. Act4change, that is also you. Every contribution is welcomed and appreciated. Help us in building tomorrow's society. 


We'd love to hear what keeps you busy.

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Coffee with the future
Circular school
This year the Circular School welcomes four entrepreneurs with great enthusiasm to set up a circular or sustainable project. Four promising entrepreneurs are supported throughout the year so that they can realize their project at the end of this year. During the year they will grow by being in contact with experts, following a master class, following a follow-up and having interim contact moments.
Worriers are also welcome to provide feedback, to inspire them with their own qualities. The worriers are given the opportunity to grow towards the makers of tomorrow through participation.
During a Work4Change we come together to make change. We use each other's energy to get started. You help each other to focus and work concentrated. There is a clear structure, but each follows its own rhythm.
Sustainability network The Shift and youth organisation Act4Change
select young and sustainable change makers to up their visibility, reinforce their projects and challenge companies and organisations on their sustainability efforts.
A weekend filled with educational encounters, experts and inspiring youth. The Masterclass for Sustainable Development is a place to meet for young people (age 18 through 35) who want to know more about sustainable development and are willing to share and exchange their opinions and ideas with each other and experts.

The Oasis Learning Village: een terugblik

November 28, 2019

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