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Educating for sustainable Futures


You want to be empowered by high-quality training?
Act4Change and Eco Dharma offer 20 places for several beautiful training courses on social movement impact & resilience, in the Catalan Pyrenees.

Act4Change is seeking to establish itself as an effective training provider for the sustainability and social justice sectors. Since 2017 we have been developing education provision for learners working in social change, supporting them with spaces for development and skills acquisition to enhance empowerment, effectiveness and leadership in the work that they do.

We want to help build a more equitable, inclusive and sustainable world, fighting the social fragmentation and radicalisation which can arise in the face of crises such as Climate Change, Migration and Social Inequality.

This means working to offer improved education/training to empower and support people working environmental protection, migrant integration and social cohesion.

Educating for sustainable Futures is an education program developed by Act4Change and Eco Dharma (ULEX), funded by Erasmus+. We offer 20 bursary places to empower learners working on environmental protection, migrant integration and social cohesion.

For whom?

The courses are for ecological and social change makers and educators that work/want to work with us in our educative capacity. Participants of the courses come from ecological and social entrepreneurship movements from all over Europe.

The program & dates

Click the icon to download the details of the courses.

This program offers 2 or 3 bursary places per course.


This offer is part of an Erasmus+ program and is free for you as a participant.
This includes full-day training, food, accommodation and travel costs.



Applying can be done by filling out this form. Applications can be submitted until August, 4.

By applying you will be registered as a candidate for the selected trainings. 


This program consists of highly valued training courses and is crafted and supported by volunteers.
We want to leverage the value together with you to achieve our goals. So please consider your ability to dedicate the time required to actively participate in this program.


By applying and being selected, you commit to

  • participate in the selected training course, 

  • participate in the evaluation,

  • meet with the Act4Change coordinator to discuss your experience and review how your learning can be spread among our networks,

  • disseminate the learning accordingly.


Selection will be done based on the following criteria:

  • To provide empowerment training to our own staff and volunteers, at least one place per course is reserved for Act4Change. If there's no suitable profile within Act4Change, the place is available to other applicants.

  • Except for the The Climate Justice Educators and Climate Justice Sustainability trainings, we do prefer to select people aged 18-35, our target group.

  • Quality of the application

  • Diversity of the group of trainees

  • For The Climate Justice Educators and Climate Justice Sustainability trainings, Eco Dharma will do an extra applicant selection.

Every applicant will be informed about the outcome of the selection process by August, 17.


If you have questions about the program or subscription, mail to

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